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What is Arrival Control - Shipment Tracking App

Install Arrival Control in 5 minutes – Get an Estimated Time of Arrival with just a few clicks!

Arrival Control operates through a modern & intuitive web-based cargo tracking system. From the side of your transport partner all that is required is a smartphone with the free TruckTrack app installed. After a quick registration at the Arrival Control website, you can immediately calculate arrival time for deliveries and get delay alarms on your PC.



Have complete visibility and track your shipments online from the comfort of your laptop.



Identify delivery problems at an early stage & react immediately.



Eliminate frustration & long lost hours waiting for a carrier by knowing the estimated time of arrival.



Improve your customer service by providing precise information on the delivery status of a client's order.



Gain augmented business transparency & reliability by keeping delivery records.



Track your shipments online & secure smooth operations flow by preventing interruptions in the production line.



Boost business efficiency & productivity through better planning.



Ensure high quality deliveries and reduce losses & unnecessary costs.

Arrival Board

Arrival Control Estimated Time of Arrival & Alarms

On the arrival board of the Arrival Control Shipment Tracking App you can view the Estimated Time of Arrival of every transport & potential delays. It is also easy to filter arrivals and search history. Depending on the estimation status each delivery is accompanied with a specific symbol.


Accurate Estimated Time of Arrival

The Arrival Control cargo tracking system predicts precisely the arrival time of a delivery as it takes into consideration all possible factors as: driving distance, driver resting times, external tasks, stops, traffic, roadblocks, constructions and truck conditions

Live Alarms & Notifications

You are immediately informed, when a driver starts a delivery and you get an estimation of the arrival time through online notifications. You also receive Alarms & Warnings for potential delays not only at the Web-Platform but also at your e-mail.

Real-time Delivery Status

On the Arrival Board, you can easily monitor the status of numerous transports & organize them effectively through filters. There you can also view the arrival time-window & possible delays so that you can take immediate action to prevent hindrances.

Automated Shipment Tracking App

Arrival Control has a simple & friendly system, which requires no training and is also easy for the driver. With only a few clicks you can assign transports to drivers and immediately receive time estimations. Drivers respond to your request with just a push of a button!

Detailed Documentation

Track your shipments online accurately, as all transport info like cargo details, driver data & arrival times are stored in one place. You can access them directly and share them with external companies & clients to solve conflicts and interpret pricey delays.

Communication without Bureaucracy

If you want to call an external driver you can view his number and contact him directly, avoiding time consuming intermediate calls. Drivers can also send automated actions (e.g. arrived, checked out) & text messages.

Unlimited Users

You can add for free other employees as Users and give them direct access to the system to calculate arrival time. Keep everyone on the same page and coordinate the team effectively.

Global Network & Cooperations

We promote communication among businesses by establishing a unique pool of highly qualified partners. Every business can send a Cooperation Request to a Transport company that uses TruckTrack. Any linked company can also arrange arrivals for you to their own drivers.

Ongoing Support

Arrival Control support is all about making your work easier. Help is always free and we guide you through every step.

Arrival Ticket

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